Lauren Francis-Jackson

Lauren F.rancis-Jackson

Business Name: Locspiration Natural Hair & Beauty Bar LLC

Location: Laurel, Suite 84 - 86


Services: Children Services, Facial & Skin Treatment/Waxing, Hair Products/Retail, Natural Hair - Locs/Braids, Natural Hair - Non Perm, Products/Retail

Lauren Francis-Jackson is the owner and operator of Locspiration Natural Hair Salon & Beauty Bar LLC.  Lauren has been in the natural hair industry for 6.5 years specializing in all things locs, natural hair care & styling, Microlocks, & Sisterlocks/Brotherlocks.  Lauren received her natural hair training from The Natural Hair Nstitute in Silver Spring, Maryland in 2014 where she specialized in starting, maintaining, and styling locs.  She initially attended the Sisterlocks 4-Day Consultant Training class in 2014 in Baltimore, Maryland.  She recently took the Sisterlocks Advamced Refresher in 2019.  Lauren has been a Certified Sisterlock Consultant since 2016.  






Hour of Operation: 


Sunday 10am-4pm

Monday 11am-7pm

Tuesday 8am-5pm

Wednesday 10am-730pm

Thursday 10am-730pm

Friday 9am-6pm

Saturday 7am-7pm

Sunday 10am-4pm

By Appointment Only.  Before & After hours Service additional rates apply.  




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