Suite FAQs

Becoming a salon owner is no longer a dream, it’s a reality. Salontra Select Suites provides you with everything you need to thrive. Find out more…

How do you handle walk-in traffic?

When a customer walks-in for service, Salontra Select Suites utilizes an internal system to match their request with a salon professional.  

Can I share my suite with another professional?

Salontra Select Suites offers multi-station suites that give you the flexibility of partnering with other professionals. Our double suites accommodate up to two salon professionals. 

What type of industry professionals lease at Salontra Select Suites?

Most of the business owners at Salontra Select Suites are licensed cosmetologists and natural hair stylists. Other professionals who rent suites are barbers, nail technicians, estheticians, and massage therapists.

Who can access my suite?

You have full access to your suite at all times. Salontra Select Suites management and authorized personnel are the only other parties with access to your suite. 

May I customize my suite?

Yes, Salontra Select Suites encourages you to be creative in designing your suite. You may hang wall art, fixtures and paint your suite to a color of your choice.  Our management and service team will assist you in customizing your suite.

How do I know if Salontra Select Suites is the right place for my business?

If you are an established salon professional who desires flexibility, freedom, and the ability to control your income, then Salontra Select Suites is the perfect choice. But you will not be in business alone because we provide you with the necessary support so you can focus on your clients.

Am I an employee of Salontra Select Suites?

No, you are an independent contractor. Salontra Select Suites is a property management company who leases private enclosed suites to licensed professionals in the beauty industry. We provide you with the essential operating equipment, but you control your business, income, and standards.

What is the Salontra Select Suites experience?

The Salontra Select Suites experience is a stimulating environment that provides the necessary support systems for salon professionals to succeed.

How many suites exist in Laurel?

Salontra Select Suites of Laurel has 40 private suites with various design options. 

Are children allowed in Salontra Select Suites?

Children are allowed if they are being serviced by a beauty professional.  Any child under 12 must be accompanied by an adult when in the common areas of the cafe, corridors, or restrooms. 

What are the suite size options?

You have a choice of a single or  double suite based on your needs.

What are the hours of operation?

Salontra Select Suites offers  access 24 hours daily, 7 days a week. However, beauty professionals establish their own hours of operation.  Customers use a keypad door entry system, while stylists have keyless access. The facility has 24-hour exterior and interior monitoring. 

How many suites exist in Laurel?

 Salontra Select Suites of Laurel has 40 private suites that vary in design style.